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Honeywell Baseboard Heater, HZ-519

Honeywell Baseboard Heater, HZ-519

Price : $86.66USD

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Honeywell baseboard heater is with digital controls with large LCD screen and button system can be easily operated. Temperature can be set at your choice and and timer can be set from 1 to 10 hours with out shut off. If grill is hotter than required then product warns and tip off safety protection is also provided in the product. This gives a noise free heating and is a low profile base board design make it easily adjustable at required place for your usage. This is cost effective and uses 120 volts electricity. This product is made of flame resistant plastic and timer can be programmed easily. It uses 1500 watts out put and the heater uses three prong grounded plug to the usage of power outlets. Safety guidelines and assembly instructions are also included with the product and is provided with 5 year limited warranty. Product dimensions of the product are 42.5 x 6.5 x 10.1 inches and item model number is HZ-519. Hlneywell Baseboard Heater, P-n Hz-519, Low Profile Floor Heater, Lcd Controlled Heater Honeywell Baseboard Heater, HZ-519

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