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Costco Heaters

Costco has a number of different heater products available. The nice thing about Costco is that they have locations all over Canada and the U.S. You can use their locations button on their website to view all the locations and even to find one location which is near you. This is located on the bottom of their website. We also try to carry as many heating products as close to Costco as possible, so that you can find everything you need in one spot.

Costco does have a fee to be one of their members. So if you are able to find the same heater on our website or another website, and it's the same price, you don't have to be a member with Costco to get the same pricing. Costco does generally have good deals and sales from time to time as well. If their prices are lower, by all means, buy from them if you are a member.

We are not able to reduce the prices on our end - they are all static. So whatever price you see here is the price we are able to provide, and we can't provide much else.

Warranty on heaters purchased from Costco

If you have purchased a heater or other from Costco, whether it's a floor heater, ceramic heater, tower heater or etc., we can't really support you with warranty claims or help with that. You need to speak to the retail outlet which you purchased the product, or talk to the manufacturer if there is any warranty with them. 

Heaters that Costco sells:

  • Costco Patio Heaters
  • Convection console heater
  • Presto parabolic heater
  • Steel Pyramid Flame Patio Heater
  • starting from 85 - 400$ +
  • American Comfort Heaters
  • Muskoka by Greenway Heaters
  • Vornado whole room tower heater
  • Whirlpool Ceramic Heater
  • Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater

Costco Heater Reviews

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