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Heaters on Sale

This site has plenty of heaters for sale. We have electric fan heaters that you can use as a space heater to keep your toes warm. Live in a cold climate? No problem. Check out our selection of electric heaters as well as gas heaters, propane heaters, and more. Keeping warm is easier when you have a bunch of heaters that you can use when it gets cold. Having these heaters nearby is extremely helpful, so be sure to stock up on heaters and the fuel you need before the winter months.

Garage & Workshop Heaters

If you are looking for a heater for your garage or workshop then we have some really cool deals for you. We have heaters that will heat a huge garage or a small garage. Be sure to check out the portable propane heaters page as well if you are looking to heat a smaller area. The heaters on the garage & workshop heater page are more heavy duty and are for larger areas, like a real size workshop. You don't always need to spend a lot of money to heat a garage or workshop, which is a good thing for sure. You can invest a little bit of money to have some good heat distribution.

Industrial Heaters

An industrial heater produces a large quantity of heat in a small amount of time, and often produce many more BTUs then regular portable heaters. We have industrial heaters that can produce 10,000 BTUs of heat. Another can heat a room up to 300 sq ft. If you are looking for larger models that are more powerful, consider looking over the Industrial heaters page.

What does it cost me to run my electric heater?

To determine the cost of running a heater, first you need to know how many kilowatts your device uses per hour. This calculation is called KwH, or killowatt-hours. Take a look at the labels on your device to determine it's KwH rating.

Take the kwH rating and multiply this by the number of hours you're running the device. Then, times this by your cost per hour. You can find what your cost is per KwH on your hydro bill, or by doing a google search for your local area. eg. KwH rate in New York.

Featured products for Saturday

AO Smith Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas
AO Smith Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas

Price : $1550 USD
Standing Pilot CSA Certified and ASME Rated TandP Relief Valve Complies with ... [For More]

20 Gallon Rheem Electic Point of Use Electric Water Heater
20 Gallon Rheem Electic Point of Use Electric Water Heater

Price : $400.68 USD
Automatic thermostat 120 V, single phase wiring Over-temperature protector automatically cuts off ... [For More]

120 Gallon Rheem Commercial Hot Water Storage Tank
120 Gallon Rheem Commercial Hot Water Storage Tank

Price : $1141.87 USD
Rheem-Ruud commercial storage Tanks are vertical tanks designed for applications ... [For More]

Impress IM-705H 800 Watt Parabolic Halogen Heater
Impress IM-705H 800 Watt Parabolic Halogen Heater

Price : $55 USD
Reflective Parabolic Dish radiates natural sun-like heat over wider area. ... [For More]

Recent Product Reviews

Extremely Satisfied

Dear Sirs:
I have had my DeLonghi Vento Hi-Speed Convection Oil-Filled Space Heater for nearly five years. I recommend this heater to everyone. It is very efficient cost wise and heating praticalbity wise. In this northern climate of southern Alberta, Canada,I treasure it very muich. by Gordon E. Carpenter posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011
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Hi dear i'm looking for similar things for my air conditioner the make is prem i air the adapter or connector is about 140mm x60mm.please coould let me know that size or provide the same size. by jean posted on Friday, February 18, 2011
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we wanna cooperate with you

we are factory in china, we wanna cooperate with you.
Contact: wilson
Email: chinahard@vip.163.com by wilson posted on Thursday, September 03, 2009
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